Friday, June 15, 2007

why did your parents named you Eco-Libris?

This week we launched Eco-Libris, a great new green venture (if you haven't had the chance yet, you are welcome to check it out - I feel like a proud father that his new baby was just born and he's sending pictures to everyone (links in this case :-). So, I believe that as a good father, my first task is to explain the name - why Eco-Libris and what does it mean?

Well, the name is inspired from ex-libris (in Latin: ‘from the books of..’) is a decorative label or print people used to paste on their books for the purpose of identifying the books' owner. In general, it was a more decorative and aesthetic way to make sure everyone will know this book is yours than just writing your name inside it. We see Eco-Libris as the new, green version of ex-libris.

In our vision people will balance out their books by planting trees and will indicate their commitment to sustainability by putting our sticker on these books.

As the ex-libris was an elegant way to show the identity of the book owner and her (or his) appreciation of the book, we hope to see Eco-Libris stickers become the new way book owners present their identity, saying: hey, i love this book, but i also care about the environment. i am trying to live more sustainably. That’s who i am!

btw, the credit for creating the name goes to Oren Entin, one of the most creative people on our team.



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