Monday, September 1, 2008

The White Road and other Stories – A Short Stories Collection is Going Green

Congratulations to British-Israeli author Tania Hershman, whose first book, The White Road and other Stories, published by UK's renowned Salt Publishing, is finally going into the stores today, September 1 2008.

Hershman contacted us last year in order to make her upcoming collection of short stories more sustainable by planting a tree with Eco-Libris for every copy printed. We were happy to oblige, and been following the publication process ever since.

Born in London in 1970, she moved to Jerusalem, Israel, in 1994. Her background as a science journalist of 14 years, writing for publications such as WIRED, NewScientist and others, gave are a scientific grounding in writing several “science-based” stories.

Hershman's tenacious focus on short stories is fascinating. Whereas many readers and authors think of short stories as only a stepping stone for the fledgling author on the way to their first novel, Hershman and others believe it to be an exalted genre of its own. She even launched The Short Review, a website dedicated to the reviewing of short story collections.

A subset of her interest in short stories manifests itself in her flash fiction. These are short shorts of 1000 words or much much less. Think of it as haiku fiction if you will, where every word should be worth its metaphorical weight in gold.

Curious? Good! Support this green author and get your own copy here, or ask your local independent bookstore to grace its shelves with some copies. I can't wait to get my mine, so expect a review and updates on readings and other events pretty soon.

Eylon @ Eco-Libris

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