Monday, November 10, 2008

Eco-Libris on the holiday issue of A Distinctive Style magazine!

We are happy to update you that a Special Holiday Issue of A Distinctive Style magazine is available online on the magazine's website. Not only that this is a great green magazine, but it also has 2 pages dedicated to Eco-Libris!

A Distinctive Style magazine is an interactive digital publication that promotes eco-friendly businesses, products, art, and services to an entire global village. The magazine is passionately centered on inspiring people to live green, think green, shop green, and be more environmentally conscious. It is available only online so no trees are cut down for its production.

On the Special Holiday Issue which is described as an interactive galaxy of art, eco-awareness and inspiration, you can find articles on eco-fashion, eco-friendly artists, new wave of green transportation, an interview with Ed Begley Jr., going green for the holidays including ideas for gifts that give back, and much more. And it comes with music and video clips, so this magazine is definitely worthwhile exploring!

And of course, if you click to pages 56-57 you will find two full pages about Eco-Libris and our work.

The magazine is available at

Raz @ Eco-Libris


Anonymous said...

raz is that you on the cover? I always pictured you looking differently....more manly

Unknown said...

Great magazine! Quite unique I must say. Well written, beautifully designed and love the interactive links.

Where can I sign up to get this every month?

T Sampini

Anonymous said...

Cool publication! Finally a truly green read!

Thanks for sharing!