Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new collaboration with Zinerrific

Today there was a big celebrations in Washington and we followed the Inauguration of President Obama with excitement, joy and hope for a better and greener future to come now.

We also have a small celebration of our own with a new collaboration we're happy to announce on. Eco-Libris is partnering with Zinerrific, an online magazine subscription retailer. Zinerrific will be offering their customers the option to balance out any subscriptions they buy through Zinerrific with an Eco-Libris tree-planting! To show their commitment to sustainability, Zinerrific will match every Eco-Libris tree planting purchase with a second tree!

Here's some information on our new partner - Zineriffic sells magazine subscriptions at the lowest prices allowed by publishers (in most cases) and they have an inventory of over 1400 magazine titles available for sale through their site.

Zinerrific pride themselves on their large selection of magazines, ease-of-ordering, fully honoring customer privacy, and readily-available customer service through email or their toll-free telephone number (1- 877-262-7641).

You're invited to check out their offers at http://www.zinerrific.com

Raz @ Eco-Libris

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