Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to green your Passover seder?

Today is the time for the Passover seder, which is a Jewish ritual held on the first night (and in some places also in the second night) of Passover, which is one of my favorite Jewish holidays.

The seder is a family gathering, sitting together around the table, reading the Haggadah (he story of the Israelite exodus from Egypt), singing the holiday songs and eating the holiday's traditional food. Even President Obama will host one tomorrow at the White House.

So how do you green it up? Yahoo! Green brings you 10 good tips on how to have an eco-friendly and organic seder. I haven't found yet an Haggadah from recycled paper, but still there are other many steps you can take to make sure you celebrate the Passover in an eco-friendly style.

Enjoy your seder and Happy Passover!

Raz @ Eco-Libris

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