Friday, June 12, 2009

Free (and green) alternative for book lovers at three European airports

Have you ever planned to pack a book for a flight, but forgot it in the last minute? And what happens if you're in a mood for reading at the airport but you already finished the one you brought with you?

A new initiative of Oneworld alliance, which is both free and green, provides you with a solution! Springwise reports that starting this month, travellers passing through Brussels, Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino airports can download three audiobooks for free.

The process is very simple -when you travel through one of these three airports, simply log on to the airport wifi signal and enter the following URL (free access):

Then you can download audiobooks to your laptop, smartphones or PDA—any device that connects to the airports' wifi networks. You can pick from forty titles, covering fiction, business, society and travel; available in English, Dutch, French and Italian.

This is a great initiative, as it provides customers with a valued service at no charge and it's also eco-friendly as these are audio books, which is one of the greenest forms of books, especially when you're using your laptop for that matter.

You can of course argue that if you have Kindle or any other eBook reader device it will give you a much better solution. BUT firstly not everyone have it as it's still expensive, second not everyone like to read from an eBook device reader and last but not least, it might not be such an eco-friendly solution as we don't know yet if eBooks readers are better for the environment (you can find more about it at

One more kudos to Oneworld, a global alliance that brings together ten of the world's biggest and best airlines - all travellers, whether Oneworld customers or not, can use this service.

Raz @ Eco-Libris

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simone said...

Yes, i agree with e-booking!

However, i heard that every click of our PC, produces certain amount of carbbon footprint, how could thsi be prevented though?