Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Green printing tip #3 - How to let let your clients know you are being responsible in your printing

Today we continue our series of green printing tips, which we bring you in collaboration with Greg Barber, an experienced eco-friendly printer.

Today Gre
g's tip is referring to an important element of the process:

How you make sure everyone knows you're using green printing practices and it doesn't stay between you and your printer?

Tip #3

My clients want to look environmental in their printing. What do I recommend they do?

I suggest that my clients include the environmental emblems when they are being green in their printing.

Here are few examples of the emblems we have:

- 100% post-consumer waste emblem

- 100% processed chlorine

- Green-e

- FSC emblem (we are an FSC-certified plant)

- Carbon neutral emblem (we derive
our energy from wind and we're carbon neutral)

So let your
clients know you are being responsible in your printing. You will feel good about it and your clients will be happy you are environmental!

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