Monday, June 22, 2009

Want to learn more about green printing? listen to an interview with Mario Assadi of Greenerprinter

So what is actually green printing? what makes a printer a green one? is it only about offering recycled paper and soy ink?

As we're working to promote green printing as part of our vision of sustainable reading, we constantly explore these questions and try to figure them out.

One of the people who it's always worthwhile to listen to what he has to say about it is Mario Assadi, President and CEO of Tulip Graphics, Inc. and founder of its Greenerprinter brand, which is focusing on growing a sustainable e-commerce business model based on environmentally friendly printing practices.

Mario (see photo on left) was interviewed by Sean Daily on GreenTalk Radio and this is a great talk for anyone who wants to learn not only about the specific journey of Greenerprinter (a great printer by the way - we're happy customers.), but also about the general concept of green printing and its translation into daily operations.

And if you're wondering what he has to say about the questions we asked at the beginning of the post, here's a summary of his approach in his own words: "...But green printing is really, is not about recycled paper and soy ink. Green printing, it is about responsible manufacturing." But there's much more, so don't miss this interesting interview!

Link for the interview: h
ttp:// You can also find the transcript there.

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