Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Beyond the Cold" by Michael Kleiner receives first place in Beach Book Festival

We're always happy to update you with prizes and awards that books we're working with are receiving.

This time it's "
Beyond the Cold: An American’s Warm Portrait of Norway" by Michael Kleiner that received receive first prize in the autobiography/biography category of The Beach Book Festival.

Michael is a fellow SBN member and he plants a tree with every copy sold of his book, which
chronicles Kleiner’s year living in Norway with his family at age 11, attending a Norwegian school, learning a different language, new sports and about Norwegian culture. He has returned five times as an adult, and he develops an affinity and passion for the country, its culture and people although he is not of Norwegian descent. Not only does he find a second home and family, but a country that is more than cold weather and that these intercultural experiences contributed to the person he has become.

You could read more about the prize here at

The book is available through his web site – – which also has blogcasts of his appearances; Infinity Publishing’s web site store – http://www.buybooksontheweb, as well as Amazon and

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