Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Green book review week - part 2: What Do You See?: A Lift-the-Flap Book About Endangered Animals

Our second book on the green book review week is an interactive board book that is both entertaining and educational. This is also the latest book on the Little Green Books series.

Our book today is:

What Do You See?: A Lift-the-Flap Book About Endangered Animals

Stephen Krensky
Stephen Krensky has always had a soft spot for underdogs - even when they happen to be bunnies. He is the author of more than eighty books for children, including How Santa Got His Job (an ALA Notable Book) and Big Bad Wolves at School. He and his wife, Joan, live in Lexington, Massachusetts. You can visit him on the Internet at www.stephenkrensky.com

Illustrator: Amy Schimler
Amy Schimler is a children's illustrator and textile designer. You can see her illustration and textile design at www.amyschimler.com.

Reading level: 2-5

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

Published on:
June 2009

What this book is about? (from the the publisher's website)

I show up bright against the sky.
I swoop and swoosh and flutter by.
What can I be?
What do you see?

Stephen Krensky's clever rhyming text entices young readers to guess which endangered species is hiding beneath each flap! From a panda bear to a butterfly, each spread features text and die cuts which hint at the animal's identity, until finally it is revealed by lifting the flap! Composed of 100% recycled material, this playful and interactive new title is both entertaining and educational!

What we think about it?
This is the latest book on the Little Green Books series of Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing. This is a great series of books, which includes books with green themes that are also made from recycled materials.

So let's start here with the materials - this is a board book and it's made from 100% recycled materials. This is a good start as we love books that walk the talk and demonstrate their commitment to the environment, especially when these are books for kids.

I liked also the fact that it's an interactive book that tries to get little kids to know endangered species in a fun way which they can easily relate to. The only danger is when your kid is too eager to find out the hidden animal and totally rip off the flip.

Amy Schimler's illustrations are beautiful and are a good fit with Stephen Krensky's witty rhyming. At the back cover of the book, the kids (and the parents) can find invitation to visit the Little Green Books' website, which provides further eco-friendly tips, games and activities. Reading the book with your kid and then visiting the website can be a great way to introduce your little one to the green world in a fun, but still educational way.

Bottom Line:
We are collaborating with Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, so I might not be objective. Nevertheless, I read it together with my little baby girl (13 months) and we had a lot of fun! She might be a bit too young for this book, but she still enjoyed it very much and we even managed to keep the book in one piece!


We're giving away one copy of the book, courtesy of the publisher, and of course a tree will be planted for the copy!

How you can win? please add a comment below with an answer to this question: what's yours (or your kid's) favorite animal? Submissions are accepted until Tuesday, July 21, 12PM EST. The winner will be announced the following day.

If you're looking for other interesting green-themed books, you are invited to check out our green books page on our website's green resources section.

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Bhavani Prakash said...

What a lovely idea! I haven't seen any book so far on endangered species for that age group (2-5). Older children, yes.

I love this question. My daughter loves dogs(Golden Retrievers in particular). I love so many animals, it's hard to chose. Well, I guess I'm slightly more partial to orangutans which are fading away due to rampant deforestation in S.E.Asian tropical rainforests.

Jamie - The Itty Bitty Teacher said...

My sons favorite animal is a tiger. At least his stuffed animal tiger is his favorite. For a live animal it would probably be a kitty cat. He loves them.

Kristen said...

My son is turning 1 this month so he is a little young but we are incorporating storytime more and more into his routine. He loves dogs (large and small breeds) and elephants.

Mary Preston said...

Elephants are the favored animal in this household. What a fabulous book.


Meredith said...

For sure frog- anything frog is a hit!

Cassie M said...

This book would be perfect for my daughter for Christmas! My favorite animal is a puppy, but hers is a kitty cat. Thank you so much for giving away a fantastic book!

dctm said...

Mine and my son's favorite animal are dogs...he absolutely loves our beagles.

dctm at bellsouth dot net

Unknown said...

My son's favorite animal is cats. We have 2 cats and he adores them. His first word he said other than mama and dada was cat. He has some cat stuffed animals and they are his favorite. He considers the meerkat to be a cat too.


Mary A said...

My 19 month old sons favorite animals are dogs. We have 3 so he has had the most experience with them. Thanks for the giveaway.

Karen said...

My daughter is a little young (14 months) to tell us her favorite animal but mine is the rhinoceros. Therefore I think she might like them also, based on all the stuffed animals and books we have about them!


Kristie said...

My daughter's favorite animal is a bunny. :-)

khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Katie said...

My kids love to pretend they are baby seals. In fact, the ONLY way they will eat is if they are "baby seals" and I feed them kelp, sardines, etc!
katiekarr at gmail dot com

Annie said...

My daughter's favorite animal is the monkey. She likes the sound I think :)

TZel said...

I love tigers! Very beautiful and precious. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

my daughter love giraffes. they are her favorite.

it started at the bronx zoo which we bought her a giraffe souvenier one of the first times we went there. all the males in the zoo are named james and the females margaret.

she has a plush giraffe named margaret, and she comes everywhere with us.

her favorite animal is efinitely a giraffe!


Anonymous said...

What a great book. I must admit I'm not familiar with Little Green Books. I'll have to check them out.

My kids are in a cat phase right now (house cats, lions, tigers, panthers, you name it).


KR said...



L Harris said...

Our favorite animals are bugs and horses.

Wehaf said...

My favorite is the giant squid. :)

urchiken at gmail dot com

Carol M said...

My grandson would love this book! He loves cats. I think that's because I have two of them. :)
Carol M
mittens0831 AT aol.com

Cecelia said...

My family likes (oddly enough, I know) rats. They're intelligent, furry, small and inquisitive. After that it's cats, or maybe sea otters.

Thanks for holding this giveaway!


Mozi Esme said...


janemaritz at yahoo dot com

valerie2350 said...

raccoons :)

Dolphin Girl said...

My son loves monkeys!

kiwimeg said...

This looks like such a great book. I haven't seen much with a conservation message for littlies.

My daughter's fav animal is dogs. She LOVES them. We had two old dogs when she was born who were her protectors and tolerated her clambering over them. They have since died and are still fondly remembered. We have a puppy now and the two of them race around like mad things and are best buddys.

My daughter often pretends to be a puppy - which usually involves wearing 'paws and claws' ie shoes on hands and feet. Always gets a second glance when we go out LOL

Marly said...

I'm very fond of cats - especially big ones. When I asked my two-year-old what his favorite animal is, his response was, "Giraffe! No, pig, oink oink! Monkey!" He's decisive like that. ;)

Anonymous said...

My little guy just said his favorite is the firaffe.


Anonymous said...

Tosha likes tree frogs. And she'll jump around the house like a frog. Especially after her grandparents have given her bag of Starburst to take home.

auntrene said...

One of my little daycare guys favorite animal is the Giraffe.. Recently he saw them at the zoo.. we were talking about it and he asked me how long their necks were.. We of course hopped online to find out because I really didn't know.. The answer about 6 foot tall to make it so he would understand how tall 6 feet is I told him that a giraffe's neck is as long as his daddy is tall.. he was in awe.
His daddy arrived to pick him up and he announced to Daddy.. a giraffes neck is as tall as you.. 16 feet..
Too cute
thanks for the chance
itsjustmerene2003 at yahoo dot com

Courtney said...

Right now, my daughter's favorite is the dolphin. But that changes every five minutes :) Great giveaway, thanks so much!


K. Rock said...

While her preferences seem to change everyday, right now she is all about frogs.
Thanks for the giveaway!!

Xenia said...

My daughter loves so many animals that you'd get a different one every time you asked her that question. However, monkeys have always been a big one for her and, lately, peacocks are pretty cool.

xpsundell at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

What a great book! My daughter loves Elephants and fish. My favorite is a tiger. :)


tina reynolds said...

my daughter loves seals my son loves polar bears thanks so much for the chance to win this eaglesforjack@gmail.com

Allison said...

do dinosaurs count? :) if not, then definitely fish of any variety!

Unknown said...

oh I love pandas!
Here I bought a cuddly panda bag (L) that I can hardly put it down!
I believe it is a GREAT find for every panda fanatic!