Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Green printing tip #11: What are your green options when it comes to promotional items?

We're happy to bring you today another tip on our weekly series of green printing tips, where we bring you in collaboration with Greg Barber, an experienced eco-friendly printer.

Today Greg is talking about a part of your business that you can easily green up and benefit both your business and your customers.

What are your green options when it comes to promotional items?

Tip #11

Whether you have a trade show coming or you start thinking about the gifts you want to give your customers this year for the holidays, you might want to consider some eco-friendly options. They're creative, fun, show your customers the environment is important to you and as you'll see it can fit even a very tight budget ,and clients today are searching more than ever for green items.

Here are a couple of examples:

Eco Circles: 3" or 3.375" diameter, coaster looking , NETWORKING CARDS. Hand these out at networking parties, or trade shows, and the response is 10 times greater than traditional business cards. The next day, your circle card stands out from the 50 rectangle business cards.

We offer these at 6 up, on each print run.You can have 1 name or 6 names, or 3 names at 2 up, etc. We offer our entire Tree Free, and 100% PCW covers to you. We can quote 1 color up to 4 color for 1 side or both sides.

The Eco Circles are my most popular item bought as a promotional item. They create the most awareness and they are inexpensive, compared to flyers and brochures.

Printed on 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper. Many sizes available.

Corn Starch Bracelets: We have bracelets that are made from Corn Starch and there are 3 bracelets to a set. You wear all 3 bracelets. The charm is engraved-Go Green. For 1000 sets, you can have your own company initials engraved. This is an inexpensive gift to give @ $3.75 per set.
The corn starch bracelets, with the Go Green charm are my most popular gift.

Bookmarks: The standard size is 2 x 8 inches, printed on 100% recycled cover. 4 color/2 sides.

Environments Books: "WHO I AM", an interactive coloring book and "HOW THE LAND OF LITTER BECAME THE KINGDOM OF CLEAN", an educational, kids book are fun promotional items. We reserved the inside covers for your company misson statement or ad. These items are sold for under $5.00 each without the ads on the inside covers.

As you can see, price wise, the Eco Circles, coloring books and bracelets are all under $5 when you buy 100 at a time. If you buy over 1000 of them, the price is low.

If you would like to receive quotes on any of these items, please email greg@ecofriendlyprinter.com.

And if you have any further questions following our tips, or you have a specific question you want us to address, please email us to info@ecolibris.net .

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You can also find further valuable information on Greg Barber Company's website - http://

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AVID said...

Greetings Greg !:)
As an author, and being an environmental and humanitarian corporate exec, I personally will not accept, any offer to publish my books or our corp promotional items and office supplies. Unless it is with a superior, holistic sustainable publisher such as yourself:)
In my research for the above, it would still seem a rather un fulfilled niche. Great timing:)
I consistently see that your publishing house, stands out from the rest. In what appears to be a rather uncrowded market so far.
Your company is superior in concept, value and non-paper selections:):):)
Aboard our *ethical virtual world* we are developing *reading rooms*, where avatars of the authors can interactively read to the viewer:)
I would like to chat with you further via linkedin and introduce you to another EHAWC*VIP follower and willing strategic partner,who also has printing requirements

Highest Regards
Helen CEO AlphaAvid:)