Monday, February 22, 2010

Mobile Phone Recycling in the UK

Today we have another guest column, this time from our friends at Recycle Mobile Phones who present their important work, facilitating mobile phone recycling.

If you are thinking about upgrading or buying a new phone, did you consider what you would do with your existing handset? In the UK, over ninety million mobile phones are hidden away in desk drawers and lie idle on desks. As a result, many new phone recycling programs have been launched to create awareness and to try to increase the number of mobile phones being recycled in the United Kingdom.

If you have just bought or upgraded your phone and want to help the environment, then the best way is to look at the many recycling companies, who will incentivise you by giving you money for your old handset. It doesn’t matter if the phone works or not, although you’ll be offered less money for it if it doesn’t work.

Note: The worst thing you can do, is to throw your old mobile phone in the bin. Mobile phones contain several toxins such as cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic along with others, we do not need to contaminate our landfills or pollute the soil, air and water supplies by doing this.

Many times, these old mobile phones are in good working order so you just need to go onto a mobile phone recycling comparison site, which helps you to save time and earn money by searching for your make and model of phone. You will then see the prices that the recycling companies will offer and if you are happy with the price quoted, you can then complete the simple online form and then post your old phone to the recycling company, such as envirofone and then wait for your payment.

The recycled phones, which are in working condition, can simply be used by others , such as people who are less fortunate or indeed they can be sent to other countries to help developing worlds. The nonworking phones can be fixed or used to fix other phones, which can then be used for others. Reusing all the usable components and recycling the metals in the handset, lowers the need for new raw materials, as well as lowering the impact on mining for metals on the environment and wildlife.

For more information on recycling mobile phones and for our manufacturer list, please visit,


Sell Your Mobile said...

Sounds great. It's good how people are coming together to create awarness around mobile phone recycling. It should have a helping effect on the environment in the long run but help people in the short term as well.

Cell Phone Case said...

Mobile phone recycling is a very good idea and now Nokia helps people to recycle your cell phone.

john..... said...

The phone recycling organizations under the supervision of efficient engineers make better use of older phones. Older handsets get recycled properly and then sold to the user at much competent price. After repairing the older handsets, these organizations donate them to the poor or underprivileged sections of the society. Sometimes, different awareness camps are also organized by certain organizations. Through such camps, people can easily come to know about the useful measures to dispose the old and damaged handsets. Variety of mobile phones are blushing in the market. All latest gadgets come boasted with multitude of features. The most important component of any handset is its battery. It is well known that such rechargeable batteries are composed of harmful chemicals like toxic acid and other. said...

As part of a mobile phone recycling organization it is good to hear positive comments. Hear at we test the handsets thoroughly before making the payment, the reason for this is to ensure that we can send the handsets on(usually to developing countries)with confidence that the handsets will improve their telecommunication network, i'm not sure all recycling organisations take this viewpoint when they send handsets that may have major internal faults such as a signal failure. The last thing we want is to send non working handsets to areas of the world that won't have may not have the expertise or resources to make sure they are reusable.

Matt said...

More and more people are doing their bit. Recycle Your Old mobile Phones and safely dispose of the millions of mobile phones thrown away each year.

PhoneCycle said...

Recycling and reusing old mobile phones is a great idea because it can save precious resources and improve the lives of many people in third world countries.