Monday, February 8, 2010

Want more toilet paper in your office? Start shredding some paper!

How far can green innovation go? check out White Goat and you'll probably think the sky is the limit.

Here are some more details: At Eco-Products 2009, Oriental Co., Ltd. exhibited a revolutionary recycling machine called White Goat, which makes toilet paper from shredded paper. White Goat also has a shredding machine in it. The shredded paper first goes into a hopper, where it is untangled in small batches, and its then dissolved in a pulper. Any foreign matter is removed in a tank, and the pulp consistency is adjusted. Next, the wet paper is thinned out and dried. The dry paper is wound into finished toilet rolls, which emerge from the outlet one at a time. All of these tasks are done automatically.

This might not be the softest toilet paper you have tried, but it is still a revolutionary idea. I'm not how much water the White Goat needs for the process, but this is definitely an innovative thinking we need to see more of when it comes to paper!

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