Thursday, February 24, 2011

New e-book for our partner Moon Willow Press: Smoke Ghosts & Other Outré Tales by Anthony Wright

Moon Willow Press, a Canadian publisher that not only publish books sustainably, but also works to help other publishers to do the same and partners with Eco-Libris to plant trees for its published books, has just released a new book: Smoke Ghosts & Other Outré Tales, by Anthony Wright.

This book is released as an e-book and available for sale on Amazon for Kindle owners and on Smashwords for the rest of the world. Although this book is not released as a paper book, Moon Willow Press will plant trees with Eco-Libris for this book, as part of its commitment to the environment and promoting sustainable reading.

Here's a description of the book:

Thirteen journeys transpire in Anthony Wright's new short-story collection, Smoke Ghosts & Other Outré Tales, which features tales from "The South Asia Suite" and "The Trail of My Dead". In this e-book, a collection of dark but humorous short stories, Anthony Wright weaves his past travels in Australia, South East Asia, Mexico, and Central America to create a lively pattern of outré tales, interlaced with the supernatural, in which the author's outsider philosophy is central to the thread of existence.

Sail down the river of time to the Borneo jungle and witness a filmmaker hoping to capture headhunters of lore. Travel to Manila to find yourself lonely beyond lonely, hot, and in need of a beer – and then meet one unique soul in the wheel of time. Find yourself in old cities, tropical climates, dreaming of ancient friends and death. Watch in horror as drowning waters rise in Bangkok, visit the monsoons and calderas of Australia, drift through the snapping perceptions of youth. Meet sages and fools. Float upon hot, dry winds scented by jacaranda and bougainvillea. Wake up to not remembering, and go to sleep under the stars. Explore your past and future on the fingertips of one drunk night in Belize City.

Smoke Ghosts
is published by Moon Willow Press, a new small press in Port Moody, British Columbia. Moon Willow Press publishes books that explore science and nature, and prints only on forest-friendly fiber, hoping to help sustain the world's forests. MWP also donates a portion of sales to organizations that help to reforest ravaged woodlands and sustain natural arboreal ecosystems.

Anthony Wright was born in Melbourne, Australia, graduated in film production at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and was employed in various occupations and traveled through 20 countries before settling in Mexico City in 1993. He lived and worked as a journalist before returning to Melbourne in 2001, where he completed an education diploma at the University of Melbourne and began work as a teacher. He returned to Mexico City in 2008. His fiction, journalism, poetry and photography have been published in Australia, China, England, Mexico and the United States.

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