Saturday, June 23, 2012

ECO Banners with Bamboo Retractable Stand from Greg Barber, the Eco-Friednly Printer

I'd like to share with you a message from our printer and friend Greg Barber on a new green printing product he's introducing - the Eco Banner:

I am introducing a new line of Eco Banners that include a Bamboo, Retractable Stand. It takes me 20 seconds to assemble these banners at a trade show, and we have a mini carry bag that looks like a kid's golf bag , to easily carry the banner to your next show..

Take a look at our retractable banners, made from Recycled Plastic Soda Bottles.

I will introduce a table top retractable banner, size 8.5 x 12, with a mini, Bamboo Stand in the next few weeks. It will retail for $95 and may replace the need for huge banners. I plan to introduce it at the next Green Festival in D.C in late September.

The large size banner is approx 3 x 7 feet. I will place the banner and the stand near the front of my space at a show. It captures the eye of visitors faster.

For more details please contact Greg Barber,, 973-224-1132.

Photo: A beautiful 100% PET Bottle banner Greg made for the Green Breakfast Club - Green Breakfast Club provides a unique resource exchange and networking format to grow local green business communities through sharing resources.


Raz Godelnik

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Greg Barber said...

I wanted to say thank you Raz for promoting my new banners. I get a lot of compliments on the ease of folding the banners or the ease of putting the retractable stand together.

Call me at 973 224 1132 for any questions.

Greg Barber

Star Stuff Group said...

Eco friendly banner should be use everywhere this is beneficial for both, Retractable Banners are best choice for outdoor advertising They are also easy and quick to assemble & can be used for exhibitions, trade shows, business advertising, shop fronts, gardens, pool sides & resorts. Thanks for sharing your creation. Gear UP!!