Friday, January 30, 2009

My Green Resolution for 2009 - Mille Poetes editions

Our two last parts of "My Green Resolution for 2009" series will host two partners of ours, whom we work now on two very exciting projects!

The first one is Mille Poetes editions, a Montreal-based, French language publisher. We have the pleasure of hosting the owner and editor in chief, Guy Boulianne, who is also presenting the new project we're working on.

Mille Poetes editions has been created for authors, poets and readers. As mentioned its based in Montreal and mostly publish (in the French language) poetry, but also very open to all genres of literature and publish novels, short stories, essays, children books, biographies, science fiction, historical books and others.

Mille Poets Editions partners with Eco-Libris and dedicate 2% of their monthly sales to planting trees with us to combat deforestation, desertification and poverty.

Hello Guy. What is your green resolution for 2009?
As an editor in chief of editions Mille Poetes, I proposed to Raz and Eylon a collective book project whose 15% of sales will be donated to Eco-Libris. This book will bring together a hundred poets from France, United States, Canada and other countries.

Each text of these writers will be translated and published in English and French and so, will give us a very large readership. The book will be illustrated with many color photos.

Raz and Eylon are very pleased with this project, and we believe that sales of the book will allow us to plant some additional trees.

What's your green wish for 2009?
I hope that people will use their cars less and use more public transport to travel from one point to another. There are really too many petrol cars on the planet and this is now a real scourge.

Any other plans for 2009 you would like to share with our readers?
In the year 2009, we plan to set up a second publishing house in Quebec (Canada). We also wish to create a radio on the internet in which we will interview authors and poets.

Thanks, Guy!

To learn more about Mille Poetes editions please visit their website - You're also welcome to check out the interview we had with Guy last October. And of course, stay tuned for more updates on the new book project!

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