Friday, January 30, 2009

My Green Resolution for 2009 - Sammy & Sue Go Green Too!

Today we have the pleasure not only to present you with green resolutions of an author we work with, but also to update on a new collaboration on a new book!

This is the last part of "My Green Resolution for 2009" and we're happy to have it with Suzanne Corso, the author of the upcoming book "Sammy & Sue Go Green Too!" that will be published by Beaufort Books on Earth Day (April 22, 2009).

The publisher, Beaufort Books, and the author Suzanne Corso, are working with Eco-Libris to encourage the readers of this wonderful book to green up their reading and take a step to support the environment by planting a tree with us for their copy. Thanks to the support of Beaufort Books and Suzanne Corso, readers will be able to do so at a special discount on our website

What's the book about? here's the synopsis from the publisher's website:

Join Sammy and Sue as they embark on an adventure to help the earth. Along the way they learn all about organic farming, hybrid cars, green cleaning products and even all natural ice cream! Come along with Sammy and Sue to discover how YOU can help the earth too!

The Sammy & Sue Series, based on Sammy and Sue Corso, is an eco-friendly, educational and endearing read for children. “Go Green Too!” is the first book in the series and will lead your children on thrilling adventures while teaching them to value the planet and all of its resources. Join Sammy & Sue to see what you can do too!

Hello Suzanne. What's your professional green resolution for 2009?
To get the word out by helping to save the planet and purchasing more organic foods and eco-friendly products. Start by educating ourselves and reading books that make a difference in our child's lives. The real reason I wrote "Sammy& Sue Go Green Too!" was to be able to enhance a child's eagerness to understand our environment a little bit better.

If you have a personal green resolution for 2009, what is it?
To be better equipped as an adult to better understand exactly what our environment needs. Begin slowly. It's as easy as shutting off the water, less flushes at the toilet and turning off the lights more often. If we all start somewhere, then we all make a difference.

What’s your green wish for 2009?
My green wish is for all to have more knowledge of the environment and all things around us. To better understand our neighbor and his or her needs, whether environment, being respectful or just lending a hand when needed. Being green is more than just the environment it is a way of life.

If you have any other greetings, please feel free to add them.
I want to say how happy I am that my publisher Beaufort and myself decided to partner with Eco-Libris and tell the world by using my book as a vehicle, about the importance of planting new trees to help save the environment.

Any other plans for 2009?
Yes, my plan is to embrace the change of our great country that my daughter and I call home and to take this new found change and enlighten children all over America via bringing awareness to our ever changing environment. Remember it is all done in baby steps, and believe it or not you get their quicker and that is how you make your mark.

Thanks, Suzanne and good luck with the new book!

To learn more about the Sammy & Sue series please visit their website - You're also welcome to check out Beaufort Books' website at And don't forget - the book will be released on Earth Day! (we'll keep you posted :-)

We want to thank all of our partners who took part in "My Green Resolution for 2009" Series. We wish everyone a green and successful 2009!

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