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Why a Green Strategy Will Help Barnes & Noble Avoid Bankruptcy? Check out my article on Triple Pundit

If you follow this blog for some time, you already know we write extensively on the possibility that Barnes & Noble will follow Borders and file for bankruptcy. We really don't want it to happen, so as I was thinking about ways B&N could avoid bankruptcy, I realized that green strategy might be the solution for B&N.

Why a Green Strategy Will Help Barnes & Noble Avoid Bankruptcy?
If you want to know the answer, or at least my thoughts about the answer, you're welcome to read my article about it at Triple Pundit.

Here's the first paragraph of the article:

This is not the best of times for Barnes & Noble. B&N shares have lost about 50% of their value in the last couple of weeks and it doesn’t look like B&N can find a buyer, regardless of the low price. Not surprisingly, there is a growing concern that B&N may eventually follow Borders and file for bankruptcy.

B&N is in a search to redefine its business model. They really don’t have a choice as the traditional brick and mortar bookstores model doesn’t work that well anymore. It’s true they got the Nook, but they also have 705 stores with 18.4 million square feet (not including B&N College stores) they need to transform back into an asset to stay in business.

So here is an idea – how about adopting a green strategy to avoid bankruptcy?

The full article is available at

For information and resources please visit the future of bookstores webpage on our website. You're also welcome to check our B&N bankruptcy index.

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