Thursday, August 16, 2007

balancing out rented textbooks

It seems that everyone is getting prepared to school/ college/ university and so is Eco-Libris.

Today,, a leading local student marketplace and provider of the revolutionary textbook rental service, (, announced the launch of a new program "Chegg for Trees", where it partners with Eco-Libris to balance out textbooks that will be rented via this service. The good news are that we already balanced out 500 textbooks!

This is a great program that both reduces the costs of students on textbooks and contributes to the environment by planting trees, and Eco-Libris, which aims to make reading more sustainable, is proud to be part of it.

Sooo, students, whether you're a freshman getting ready for your first year, or a graduate student on your way to Masters or PhD - don't forget to check out this site,, see if you can rent some textbooks, and save money and help the planet at the same time ;-)

You are welcome to take a look at the news release that was issued today by

And of course, good luck to all the students out there!