Friday, January 9, 2009

What is the most watched book trailer on 2008?

According to GalleyCat (on, the most successful book trailer of the year (viewed over 30 million times on YouTube) is this amazing video (the original video was taken off YouTube so here's the closest one we found to the original):

GalleyCat reports that this is an homemade video about a nonfiction book called "A Lion Called Christian" by Anthony Bourke and John Rendall. What's even more interesting about this story is that this is an out-of print book and was according to the report the sixth most wanted out-of-print book of 2008.

So what this story is all about? here's a description of the book from its website:

The true story of a lion cub taken from his zoo-caged parents and sold in a London department store, and bought by two of the most understanding men a lion could hope to meet. Named "Christian", this remarkably gentle and intelligent lion became a British celebrity and professional model. As he reached maturity, his owners decided to give him something he was never destined for: freedom to live as a wild lion in Africa. A chance meeting with "Born Free" stars Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna led to an appeal to George Adamson to take Christian and teach him how to be a wild lion.

And it looks like the interest generated by this book trailer actually helped to get this book back to the print! I read on the book's website that the book will be reprinted in an expanded (224 pages) version in March, 2009! You can already pre-order it on

Raz @ Eco-Libris