Saturday, May 10, 2008

Do the green thing - stick with what you've got!

Every month we update you on the monthly green recommendation of our friends at 'Do The Green Thing'. This month they offer you to stick with what you've got.

What does it actually mean? here's their explanation: We're all guilty of buying things we crave but don't really need. And so this month, Green Thing asks you to Stick With What You Got.

Buying too much stuff puts an insane strain on the environment. It's a waste of the raw materials used to make them as well as the fossil fuels used to produce and transport them. And with peer pressure and ad pressure telling us we're inadequate until we get the latest thing, it puts a strain on our happiness too.

Looking for an example? you got one:

(And btw, we like both Mickey Rourke and Yael Naim..)

I would like to add that if you really need to buy something, just buy wisely and look for the best way to make your purchase as eco-friendly as possible.

Raz @Eco-Libris