Friday, December 11, 2009

Green book review for the holidays - part 1: The book you should bring to parents

Today we start a new holidays series - in the next two weeks, we will review here green books that not only are interesting and focusing on green issues, but can also be great gifts on for the holidays!

Each book will be dedicated to another group and we start today with a group I'm proud to be part of for the last 18 months - parents. And the green book we're recommending to give to parents is:

The Looking Book

Author: P.K. Hallinan
P. K. Hallinan has been writing and illustrating books for children since his wife first asked him to create one for their boys more than 35 years ago. Today, P. K. writes inspirational stories about holidays, relationships, and life values. His book, Let's Be Kind, was chosen by Focus on the Family as a top 10 family-friendly picture book. P. K. has over 100 titles to his credit, with more than eight million copies sold. In addition to his writing, P. K. is an ordained minister and a well-known school speaker.

Illustrator: Patrice Barton
Patrice Barton's
artistic talents were first discovered at age three, when she was found creating a mural on the dining room wall with a pastry brush and a can of Crisco. Her interest and passion in art grew as she did, and she earned a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas. She has been working as an illustrator ever since.

Publisher: Ideals Children's Books

Published on:
October 2009

What this book is about? The Looking Book tells the story of Kenny and Mikey, two young boys each given a pair of "lookers" by their mom. "Lookers" are special glasses, she says, to help you see the world like never before. The ordinary transforms into the fantastical, as the boys see with greater clarity the wonders they overlook everyday.

As the boys discover the fun of the outdoors, Hallinan imparts a well-timed message to a generation of "digital natives." Once outside, they are captivated by the trees, grass and even ants, seeing them like never before. Thy find a ladybug and butterfly with their "lookers" and think they are even cooler than the ones in cartoons. Eventually, the boys realize that they don't even need their "lookers" to enjoy the world outside.

Why it's a great holiday gift for parents?
I think there is almost no parent out there who doesn't deal with the problem that kids nowadays prefer to stay at home, usually in front of the computer or the TV, instead of playing outside. Now, research suggests that playtime may be as important to a child's academic experience as spelling tests or problem solving, but I also think there is an important "green" added value for this kind of experience. When nature is no stranger to a kid, then I believe she or he will grow up to be more sensitive and caring about nature and the environment.

When kids learn about it only through the virtual world, there's a good chance they won't be able to recognize all the richness and the beauty we have around us and hence won't be that concerned about protecting and supporting mother earth.

The lively rhyming with the beautiful illustrations making this book both educational and fun and can actually help parents in what some may see as mission (almost) impossible - getting children to open the door, go outside, play and enjoy in the wonders of the world around them.

Price: $12.74

Disclosure: We received a copy of this book from the publicist.

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How you can win? Please add a comment below and share with us your experience on what's the best way to get children to play outside. Submissions are accepted until Friday, December 18, 12PM EST. The winner will be announced the following day.

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