Sunday, February 5, 2012

Recommended book on Kickstarter: Ballad of a Bottom Feeder- A love story

Kickstarter is a great place to fund interesting new products and projects, including books. Great books. So we decided we want to help spread the word on book projects we like on Kickstarter and every weekend we'll share one with you.

Today's Kickstarter book is Ballad of a Bottom Feeder- A love story, a love story by Andre Karpov that takes place on the bottom of the ocean between a Hermit Crab and a Sea Anemone. Their courtship is based on an actual occurrence in nature known as a symbiotic relationship.

Goal: $5,000

Pledged so far: $1,520 (32 backers)

Still missing: $3,480

Days left: 27 days (until March 4)

Here's a description of the project:

I first came upon this example of symbiosis while visiting the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. I was fascinated by the idea that members of two different biological species could bond and live together while helping in each others' survival. I extensively researched this and gathered much inspiration while living and working on the coast of Northern California. I wrote a 24-page children's story and illustrated it with pen & ink and watercolor. With your help, this book can be published! Some of the Illustrations and story can be viewed below.

I will also be releasing a song based on the story: "ballad of the bottom feeder available for download with a purchase of the book.

The story begins:
In the company of urchins and abalone, Its easy to get lonely.

With their SPINY skin and hardened shells whether or not they're feeling I can't tell.

Let them be angry, let them be sad, I am a happy hermit crab.

Insignificantly small on the bottom I feed and crawl.

The rest of the story involves their romance and adventures as they dodge predators and find prey, bonded in a symbiotic relationship; the hermit crab benefits by gaining the added protection from predators using the anemone's stinging tentacles, and the anemone benefits by gaining mobility and sharing portions of the hermit crab's meals.

I would like this book to gently teach our children to respect nature in her many forms of symbiotic partnerships and to instill an awareness of the smaller creatures who share our biosphere.

You can learn more about Ballad of a Bottom Feeder- A love story at

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