Thursday, October 30, 2008

A new partnership with Norwegian publisher starts with a new book on Arne Næss

We love Norway. It's a beautiful and eco-friendly country (we wrote about Norwegian green initiatives in the past). Today we have one more reason to add to the list (not that we don't have enough..) - we're happy to announce on a new collaboration of Eco-Libris with the Norwegian publisher Flux.

Flux are publishers of a magazine and literature within the fields of philosophy, cosmology and ecology and a sustainable future. They're very unique publishers in their approach - s
ome of the questions they ask are: Is it possible to find a deeper resonance between man, society, nature and universe? How can we shift or expand perspectives? What do we find in the forefronts of science? What are the underlying assumptions for science and society? What do we find behind and between formalized categories and reference frames? What about the paradoxes in our lives? What is the role of art and mythology? How do we release human intuition and creative power?

Flux seeks to shed light on these questions through dialogue, fruitful interchange between logic and intuition and crossfertilisation of subjects and fields. Key guidelines: essence, timelessness, reality, simplicity.

Now Flux are collaborating with Eco-Libris to plant trees for their publications, starting with a great book (in Norwegian) - Dyp glede (Deep Joy): Arne Næss on deep ecology by Per Ingvar Haukeland.

What this book is about? here's a short description of it from Flux:

Writer and scientist Per Ingvar Haukeland says, ’I have long felt the need to make Arne Næss’ ecosophy and deep ecology works more available to Norwegian readers, in the hope that more may be inspired to explore their own ecosophy and bring about change in a more ecologically sustainable direction. With this book we can finally present these works.’

The book consists of extracts of works spanning a 40-year period. Its five sections cover the core themes in Næss’ ecosophical and deep ecology thought; 1) The Gravity—and Levity—of Our Times; 2) Sources of Inspiration; 3) Ecosophy; 4) the Deep Ecology movement; and 5) visions for the future. Each section is made up of several subdivisions, which are tied together through short introductions.With images and text we also present individuals who are, and have been, important inspirations to Næss and to deep ecology.

Arne Næss is a very important ecological philosopher and we're very happy to start our collaboration with Flux by planting trees to balance out this great book about his work.

Næss by the way is also very much connected to the birth of Flux - In 2000 Flux published the book Hvor kommer virkeligheten fra? (What is This Thing Called Reality?), seventeen conversations with the philosopher Arne Næss - 'father of deep ecology' - previously printed in the Flux Magazine. This inspired them to start their own publishing house in 2003 with two books in the Paradigm series.

The book's launch will be on November 13. We'll keep you posted with more updates about the book and of course with further news on our new collaboration with Flux. In the meantime you are invited to visit their website:


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