Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Green printing tip #10: Are you buying environmentally sound business cards?

Time goes so fast. It looks like we started this series of weekly green printing tips yesterday, but actually we're on the tenth week with tip number 10!

And this is also an opportunity to give our partner in this series, Greg Barber a big kudos for his endless efforts
to bring you every week another great tip on green printing!

oday Greg is answering a question that is relevant for everyone and relates to a little piece of paper we all use - a business card.

Are you buying environmentally sound business cards?

Tip #10

That seems like a crazy question to many people who think they are printing environmentally. Now, take your business cards and check them out.

To be environmental, you should be using paper that is high in Post-Consumer Waste. 100% PCW is the best.

You should be using paper that is Processed Chlorine Free. Only 100% PCW paper can be 100% PCF.

The inks should be 100% non toxic toner for digital runs, and soy or vegetable based inks for offset runs. I would like you to use an environmental printing plant. FSC certified is preferable. You could ask if the printing plant is Green E certified. Do they use renewable energy, like Wind Power, or BioGas? Ask the plant to tell you the name of the paper. Not all papers are equal, environmentally.

Need to check with me? Call me at 973 224 1132. If I am busy, you can leave a message. I check emails 24/7.

Now, if you are afraid of the price, don't worry. We have a summer special through the end of September. Here are the details:

QTY: 500
Price: $45
Stock: 100% PCW
Bleaching: 100% Processed Chlorine Free
Green E: Yes
Inks: 100% non toxic toner
Paper name: Options PC 100, or Environment PC 100.
Timing: 7 days after approved files.

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