Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eco-Libris is now available in two bookstores in New York

Eco-Libris is coming to the Big Apple! I am happy to announce on two new bookstores in NYC that will be offering their customers to balance out books they buy with Eco-Libris at the store: The Hue-Man Bookstore and Strand Book Store.

Customers at these stores will have the opportunity to pay to plant a tree to balance each book they purchase in the store. They will also receive an Eco-Libris sticker at the store for each book they balance out, saying 'One tree planted for this book'.

Here are few details on these bookstores:

Hue-Man Bookstore and Cafe

Located in Harlem's main business district, Hue-Man Bookstore is the largest and best-known African-American bookstore in the country.

Address: 2319 Frederick Douglass Blvd (between 124th and 125th Streets), New York, NY 10027

(picture above is from a signing event of Fonzworth Bentley's new book Advance Your Swagger: How to Use Manners, Confidence, and Style to Get Ahead at the bookstore)

Strand Book Store

New York's independent landmark book store for over 80 years, featuring a tremendous selection of more than 2.5 million used, new and rare books.

Address (main store): 828 Broadway (at 12th St.) New York, NY 10003

Tonight, between 7:00-8:30PM Strand Bookstore is hosting an event of Environmental Defense with Ed Begley, Jr. whose new book 'Living Like Ed' was published yesterday. Begley, Jr. will share in the event some of his ideas on how we can live green in NYC. And Eco-Libris stickers will be there as well! So if you're around, come to Strand Bookstore tonight.

These bookstores join other bookstores in the U.S., where you can already find our stickers and balance out the books you buy on spot, which will result in one new tree planted for every book you buy. The full list of bookstores can be found on our bookstores page.

Raz @ Eco-Libris

Eco-Libris: plant a tree for every book you read!