Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Less than a week to Blog Action Day

Just a quick reminder on Blog Action Day that will take place next Monday, October 15:

Already more than 7,500 bloggers have signed (including Eco-Libris blog of course) with many, many, more signing up daily!

Beside the opportunity to spread the word about important environmental issues, I think that this day try to promote the concept that small actions (in this case, posting on your blog) have the power to make a big impact. They write on the action blog "What would happen if every blog published posts on the same topic, on the same day? One issue. One day. Thousands of voices." Well, let's hope for a powerful eco-friendly voice on October 15th that will help us all to move to the right direction. Eco-Libris will definitely contribute its share.

You are welcome to check their website and learn more on Blog Action Day. If you are a blogger, you can register your blog, although this isn't mandatory. The important thing is that on October 15th, you will participate by posting at your blog on one environmental issue (and tag it 'blog action day').


Eco-Libris: plant a tree for every book you read!

Greenfeet.com: 2007 People's Choice Award - part 10

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the day has arrived. After two exciting weeks of presenting the creme de la creme of the green businesses, all is left is the last nominee, and what a pleasure it is to close this nominees series with the planet's homestore. Please allow me to present nominee no. 10 on Eco-Libris blog Unofficial Guide to Co-op America's 2007 People's Choice Award for the Green Business of the Year:


Business description: online store that makes it easier to leave smaller, "greener" footprints with over 1200 items in a variety of categories, such as: Apparel, Baby Products, Toys, Appliances, Housekeeping, Books, Bedroom, Bathroom, Personal Care, Kitchen, Pets, Yard & Garden, Eco Gadgets, Reusable Bags and more. They also have a weekly internet radio show - More Hip than Hippie, where Dori and Val tell you everything you wanted to know about living a green lifestyle that is more hip than hippie. Definitely worth listening!

Located at: Chico, CA

Operating Since: 1997

Website: http://www.greenfeet.com/

The questionnaire (responses provided by Val, Ownder of Greenfeet.com):

1. What makes your business a green business?

As inhabitants of this Planet Earth, we leave footprints on the environment based on the resources we consume. Nobody’s perfect (we’re certainly not!), but we can all strive to decrease the size of our footprints on the environment by the behaviors we choose and the products we use.

We have dedicated our business to making it easier for all people to leave smaller, greener footprints. We offer a wide selection of products that are both economical and unique, designed to help all Earth dwellers battle the obstacles in the path of green living.

Our number one priority is to ensure our customers can trust that we will provide only the highest quality natural products. Our philosophy is that small steps can create big change, and we will work to provide products that make taking those first, small steps as easy as possible.

Internally, we have a very green office. All of our energy is powered by wind through 3 phases energy. We are exploring ways to generate our own wind power here at our warehouse. We utilize green shipping supplies including Geami – a wonderfully green packing material that has reduced our use of bubble wrap by over 90%. We are multi year winners of the WRAP award (Waste Reduction Award Program) given by the State of California.

We were also a runner up in the Governors Environmental Award. Lights are turned off, appliances and computers/printers unplugged when not in use. We offer telecommuting for our employees and many ride their bikes. We provide health care for our employees and offer flexible schedules.

Greenfeet also strives to work with our vendors to green our communication (we’ve encouraged email communication as opposed to fax and print and mail) and discuss how products can be made more sustainable.
2. What is your green characteristic you're most proud of?

The sense of pride shared by the staff here at Greenfeet.com. Integrating “green” into our business is simply a way of life. Are we perfect? No – opting for green choices isn’t always attainable. The difference is that we strive for the greenest option and push for an even better, greener option as resources allow. The commitment of the staff and their enthusiasm is infectious.

3. What is your biggest achievement so far?

The difference we are making in people lives. The feedback we receive from customers is wonderful. We hear how they’re inspired to make the small changes that lead to an even bigger impact. They also push us to go further; they ask questions, they encourage us to be even better. We thrive on that.

4. In what way do you think that you help people to take a green action and make a difference?

We celebrate the small steps they take. If someone takes a step as simple as recycling aluminum cans, then they should be applauded. We recognize that step and provide tools, advice and ideas to encourage them to take the next step.

Two years ago we launched our weekly podcast, More Hip Than Hippie which has gained an international listener base and is a great tool to further educate and inspire our customers. We’ve since launched a listener forum where ideas are shared and discussed.

5. Who is your green hero?

Our customers. Collectively they make a difference. There are a lot of individuals who are doing wonderful things however it’s the everyday people whose small steps create the change we so desperately need.

6. What's your green dream for your business?

To build upon the solid foundation we’ve built over the last 10 years. To continue to be a driving force in the journey towards living in harmony with the planet and current technology. To foster creativity and the will to push for greater achievements. Passion is what fuels us – it’s our heartbeat.

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