Friday, February 24, 2012

Top 100 book apps: Chimps Should Be Chimps Storybook

We believe in the digital future of books as a way to reduce eventually the footprint of books, which means we also believe in apps. Book apps are integral part of the digital age of books and we want to share with you some great book apps we find and thus we are assembling a list of the top 100 book apps.

In order to get into our list apps need to both book/ebook related and affordable - we choose only apps that are either free or cost less than $2.

So every week we update you with a new app on out list of top book apps. Today we're happy to introduce you a special app for kids that comes directly from the zoo!

Our app today is Chimps Should Be Chimps by the Lincoln Park Zoo’s Project ChimpCARE and Manning Productions. This app is for iPad and is free.

Here are more details about the
Chimps Should Be Chimps Storybook app:

Chimps Should Be Chimps is a FREE iPad interactive storybook presented by Lincoln Park Zoo’s Project ChimpCARE and Manning Productions. Check out the trailer and behind-the-scenes videos at

Meet Poe and Lulu, the zoo’s oldest chimp and his granddaughter. Curious Lulu knows Poe didn’t always live in the zoo -- what was life like when he was a tyke? As Poe traces his history, he reveals the hidden hardships of his childhood in entertainment and shares the joy he finds in his new home. The story celebrates the delights of swinging, climbing trees, being with family, and following Poe’s motto: above all, chimps should be chimps.

Features include:
⋆ Explore 16 vibrant, full-page illustrations and a rich, rhyming story
⋆ Tap to uncover secret surprises and sound effects
⋆ Collect all ten Chimp Facts hidden inside the zoo
⋆ Jump straight to your favorite scene from the “Pick a Page” menu
⋆ View the full collection of Chimp Facts at a glance
⋆ Learn more about Project ChimpCARE and the story’s background in “About the App”

Visit to watch videos, learn more about Project ChimpCARE, read our behind-the-scenes blog, or contact us with questions or support requests.

The Story Behind the Story:

Chimps Should Be Chimps is intended to entertain, engage and educate. Recent studies show that seeing chimps dressed up for movies and advertisements gives people the wrong impression that wild chimpanzee populations are healthy and safe. To make matters worse, chimpanzee “actors” are often separated from their mothers at a young age, mistreated on set and abandoned once they are too old to control. Our primary goal is to raise awareness of the problematic issues surrounding chimpanzees in entertainment. We hope to explore these complex issues in an age-appropriate way while shaping a lifelong respect for these fascinating, endangered animals.

“The inspiration from the book came from trying to talk to my own kids about chimpanzees. The story aims to relate how chimpanzees deserve to be free from these antiquated practices of being dressed up for human amusement. But perhaps just as importantly, it conveys to kids the importance of being yourself and believing in what comes naturally to you.”
-- Steve Ross, Director of Project ChimpCARE

Please note that Chimps Should Be Chimps is designed as a read-aloud experience for parents and children to share. Read-to-Me mode is not available at this time.

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