Wednesday, October 31, 2007

SmartPlanet - green news from the UK

I want to share with you a new green blog I learned about today: SmartPlanet.

SmartPlanet comes from the UK, where it was launched by CNET Networks UK. It's a one-stop guide to creating a smarter, greener and fairer planet, with an emphasis on energy-saving, ethical and organic products. You can find there the latest UK news on ethical shopping and living, from the hottest organic fashion and fresh Fairtrade grub to new solar gadgets and the coolest hybrid cars.

Today, for example, when I checked it out, I read 5 tips for HallowGreen celebrations (compost your lantern), learned about SHIBBY, which utilizes old billboard advertising banners to make bags, got updates from the Tokyo Motor Show on Mazda's hydrogen-fuelled future cars, and saw a video on Londoner’s carbon footprints.

Most of the green blogosphere, and especially the part dealing with green lifestyle, is dominated by US-based blogs and is very US oriented. Therefore, it is great to see another green website bringing us cool green news and updates from the UK, where a lot of interesting green stories take place.

SmartPlanet's editor is Adam Vaughan, co-founder of Hippyshopper, blogger at and helps with Friends of the Earth's Green Living pages. He is also the guy who is standing to the right of Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Good luck to Adam and SmartPlanet! I'll check this blog regularly. You are welcome to do the same.

Raz @ Eco-Libris