Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday's green books series: Michael Recycle

Today on our Monday's green books series, I'm reviewing a book about a green superhero you may never heard of before. And yes, he has a green cape.

Our book for today is:

Michael Recycle

Author: Ellie Bethel. Illustrated by Alexandra Colombo.

Ellie Bethel like Peter Pan, never really wanted to grow up. Unfortunately these things happen and in a desperate attempt to slow the process of time she immerses herself regularly in children’s books, despite not being a child anymore. She practically eats books. In this way Ellie's brain has become so jam-packed with stories that sometimes they spill over. She was eleven when her first poem was published and following that she scribbled her way through her teenage years. British born, Ellie now lives in New York where she continues to scribble in between visiting numerous coffee shops and plunging herself headfirst into the weird and wonderful world that is Greenwich Village.

Alexandra Colombo studied illustration at the Milan European Institute of Design, receiving a first-class degree in 2002. Her great passion is writing and illustrating poems, books and fairytales. She has illustrated several books for publishers around the world, including Tooth Troubles, A New School for Paul Bunyan, The Gift of Fire, and Up in the Tree.

Publisher: Worthwhile Books

Published in: March 2008

What it is about: It's a book for 3-8 year old children about a small town named Abberdoo-Rimey, where "garbage was left to grow rotten and slimy". To the help of the town's people that never smelled a fresh air because they got so lazy comes Michael Recycle, a green-caped crusader with a metal colander for a hat drops from the sky. Michael Recycle convince them that they've got to recycle "before all your trash reaches up to the moon!". The people listen to him and their lives are changed forever..

Why you should get it:

When I took the book in the first time into my hands I knew I like it even before opening the first page. With its large pages and the colorful cover with the hero's illustration on it, it reminded me the books my parents used to read me as a child. Immediately I felt at home with it.

The book itself didn't disappoint me. It's a fun book, with a witty text in rhymes and beautiful illustrations that you can't take your eyes from. I love Michael Recycle - nothing like a green-caped crusader that falls out of the skies and with charisma and enthusiasm accomplish to put some green sense into the minds of the people of Abberdoo-Rimey. I wish it could also work that well in real life!

The story provides the kids with important messages about recycling and environmental awareness. I think that an important part of the messages is that greening up your life not only improve your quality of life but can be fun. At the end of the book, there's a special section of 'Go Green Tips', with simple tips for children who want to go green with Michael Recycle. I like the fact that these tips also try to involve the parents and get them also to make a difference, whether if it's asking them to buy rechargeable batteries or getting your parents to bike with you.

And the book also walks the talk and is printed on recycled paper.

What others say about it:

"Michael Recycle is a terrific book that parents will enjoy reading to their children again and again" - Debbie Levin, President, Environmental Media Association.

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