Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A new issue of A Distinctive Style with BUTT UGLY in it!

We wrote here last November about A Distinctive Style, which an is interactive digital magazine that promotes eco-friendly businesses, products, art, and services to an entire global village.

Back then on their Special Holiday issue, A Distinctive Style had
2 pages dedicated to Eco-Libris and books we work with. Now on their March issue they feature another great book we work with: BUTT UGLY by Lynn Montgomery.

The magazine is passionately centered on inspiring people to live green, think green, shop green, and be more environmentally conscious. It is available only online so no trees are cut down for its production.

Besides the coverage of BUTT UGLY, including the mention of our collaboration with the author (check out page 29), you can find on this issue vegan recipes, eco-accessories, plant-based diet, living green tips, eco-fashion, latest eco products, beautiful art and much more!

The March issue is available for viewing at www.adistinctivestyle.com, and if you want a taste of it, you're invited to watch this video clip:

Raz @ Eco-Libris