Friday, May 2, 2008

A green fair in the big apple

Yesterday I was in the big apple. We were invited to take part in a green fair organized by Oxford University Press for their employees.

The fair took place in Oxford Press' NY location and included besides Eco-Libris other companies and organizations invloved with green issues, such as Greenmarket, IESI, Gateway Nat’l Park, NY Horticultural Society and others.

Oxford University Press, Inc. (OUP USA), is Oxford University Press’s second major publishing center, after Oxford (UK). OUP USA is by far the largest American university press and perhaps the most diverse publisher of its type. OUP USA produces approximately 500 titles each year, of which 250 are scholarly research monographs, and imports close to 800 such works from their UK and branch offices.

OUP USA employs nearly 500 people in the US, evenly divided between its offices in New York City and the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. Many of the NY office employees attended the fair and leaned about green issues in general and in New York City in particular.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to introduce Eco-Libris to the many who came to our table and wanted to learn more about our vision and operations. I encolsed below few photos of from the fair. And yes, I'm the bold guy with the stripes shirt.

Last word - Whenever I attend a fair and feel exausted by the end of the day, I like to energize myself with good food, and yesterday I had the pleasure of eating one of the best falafels I had in a small place called
Taim (which means tasty in Hebrew) on 222 Waverly Pl - very recommended!

Raz @ Eco-Libris

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