Friday, May 25, 2012

Help Dream Traveler: Africa to meet its Kickstarter campaign's goal!

Last month we told you about a Kickstarter campaign of a great new book,
Dream Traveler: Africa, the first book in the series of children's books entitled the Dream Traveler series, which is about connecting people with cultural awareness, travel, geography, imagination and creativity, as well as and also conscious living and a loving family. We also mentioned that if the required funding will be raised, it will also be used to plant a tree with Eco-Libris to green up the printed books!

The author Stacey Gates is looking to raise $7,000 on Kickstarter and she's almost there! With 8 days to go, 104 backers pledged to provide $6,290 to make this book happen. This means that the campaign is still $710 short and needs to get them in 8 days to get the money - just to remind you, according to Kickstarter rules, it's all or nothing: if you don't meet your goal you get nothing.

So let's try to help Stacey meet her goal either through contribution or just spreading the word about it. This is really a great book and we truly hope it will make it and receive the funding! You can learn more about the book and pledge at

Raz @ Eco-Libris

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