Monday, November 12, 2007

30 Rock goes greenzo

Last week was NBC Universal's "green week", with a seven days of green-themed programming "aimed at entertaining, informing and empowering Americans to lead greener lives."

I didn't catch much of it, but I was happy to see that one of my favorite shows '30 Rock' of the great Tina Fey (or should I say Ms. Lemon) went green, or more accurately went greenzo. Check it out yourself - the whole episode (as well as all the episodes this year) are available on NBC website.

And thanks to Ecorazzi I learned that on YouTube (where else if not there) you can find a scene from the episode, where a surprising guest is showing up:

More on the green week can be found on Joel Makover's blog 'Two Steps Forward', where he covers all the interesting angles of this green week.

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