Thursday, December 18, 2008

New collaboration with Gita's, a green holiday cards maker!

Holidays are also about greetings and we couldn't find a better timing to announce on a new collaboration with Gita's, a young company that is offering customer eco-friendly products, among them are eco-friendly holiday cards!

Gita's partnership with E
co-Libris aims to raise awareness to the environmental impacts of using paper for the production of paper and cards, books, and other products and provide people and businesses with an affordable and easy way to do something about it. Gita's will plant one tree with Eco-Libris for every 20 cards or a journal you buy from them!

Gita's is currently offering unique and creative, eco-friendly paper products including holiday cards, thank you cards, and journals. They will soon be offering every day note cards and gift bags.

How green they are? here's a list of their environmental benefits:

All Gita's Tree-Free Greetings and Gift Bags are:

  • Environment Friendly
  • 100% tree-free, 100% recycled, or FSC certified mixed sources
  • Every card has a “Sustainability Grid” on the back with details of material used
  • All cards are printed with soy-based inks
  • Paper is made from sustainably harvested sources, including kenaf plant, sugar-cane bagasse, and bamboo.
  • Paper is manufactured with no chlorine or harmful chemicals and requires less water and energy.

All Gita's Handmade Paper Products are:

  • 100% recycled from cotton waste and processed chlorine free
  • Cards, journals, and paper are embedded with recycled hemp, flower petals, and other natural raw material
  • Every card is handmade with a process that requires less water and energy
Gita's is also proud to support EarthShare and its member organizations in creating a healthy and sustainable environment. You contribute to these causes every time you buy our products. They are also working directly with non-profit organizations and artisans to source our handmade paper products in a socially responsible way while offering environmental benefits to customers.

Gita's strives to offer their customers eco friendly products that are of great quality, unique in design, affordable and a great value. They're dedicated to the good of the environment and the people who live in it, and we're very happy to partner with them and add our part to their good and green work!

For additional information on their products please visit Gita's website at


Raz @ Eco-Libris