Thursday, February 4, 2010

Green book of the week: GREEN ENTERTAINING for Mommies

Today we review a green book that you'll need for the next event you'll be hosting.

Our book today is:


Author: Laura Theodore

Laura Theodore is creator of “The Jazzy Vegetarian.” Having begun incorporating “green” choices into her lifestyle at a time when entertaining was increasingly commercialized Laura designed and tested her own entertaining approach that was both environmentally sound and easy on one’s budget. Laura is also an accomplished vegan cook and the author of “VEGETARIAN COOKING for Mommies.”

As an award winning songwriter, jazz singer, producer, and actor, Laura has released seven solo CDs on various labels, starred in dozens of musicals, and appeared on programs like Good Morning America, Phil Donahue, Robert Klein Prime Time, and others.


Published on:
January 2010

What this book is about?
(from the book's webpage)

"GREEN ENTERTAINING for Mommies” helps you entertain at home in “green” style. Green entertaining requires us to reuse, repurpose, and recycle! We can accomplish these by astutely using green means, green cuisines, and green themes. This book shows you how through cost saving, fun, and festive ways, while focusing on making your earth friendly event memorable.

In the first chapter, “Green Means,” preparing your home, food, and guest accommodations is made fun and easy! The second chapter, “Green Cuisines,” healthy vegan recipes help you serve simple starters, fabulous fare, and delicious dishes that your guests will treasure. In the third chapter, “Green Themes,” ideas for casual gatherings, seasonal settings, and occasional celebrations are outlined with menus and entertaining tips to ensure your earth friendly event is truly unforgettable!

What we think about it?

This is a fun book as a book on entrainment should be. But it's also very serious when it comes to its promise to "help you entertain at home in "green" style." It covers every possible aspect of entrainment, from organizing the decorations and buying the food all the way to formulating the guest list and setting the tablescape.

You might be surprised when reading the book not only how much is involved with hosting a successful event, but how easy it is to incorporate green elements into it. Theodore included hundreds of tips in the book on how to create what she calls "eco-chic" by following three simple basic guidelines: Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle. Not only that you find them easy to implement, but in many times you won't need to pay more for going green. For example, buying local food, using flowers from your garden or last year's colorful holiday cards for decoration, or even just having a vegetarian meal.

I especially enjoyed the second part of the book "Green Cuisines", where you find great veggie recipes, such as the Country Potato Salad or the Quinoa and Black Beans Stuffed Peppers, that you can use can use when entertaining , but also just for a regular family dinner.

Bottom Line: Not only for mommies. Want a happy and healthy green entertaining event, but afraid it's an extra headache? get this book then!

Disclosure: We received a soft copy of this book from the author.

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