Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's in your paper? a new website gives your the answers you're looking for!

The Environmental Paper Network launched a great new website entitles 'What's In Your Paper' (thanks to the Green Press Initiative's newsletter for the info!), where you can learn not only what's in your paper, but also how your paper can go green.

Firstly, a little bit about EPN: The Environmental Paper Network (EPN) was founded in 2002 to bring together conservation organizations to draft a Common Vision for the Transformation of the Pulp and Paper Industry. The consensus platform of the Common Vision has been the primary basis for citizen and NGO advocacy and institutional policy development which is driving the rapid growth of environmentally responsible paper markets.

The new website is full with informative and user-friendly information, including Paper Steps - a guide for making your office or company paper more environmentally responsible, glossary with all the definitions you need to know about, toolkit for the eco-friendly paper purchaser, a guide on how to save paper and much more.

Is paper that important? does your paper usage really matter? for those who still ask it, the website gives a very clear explanation:

What’s In Your Paper matters because the impacts of paper production result in one of the world’s most significant environmental challenges. Our daily choices about paper use and what paper we buy is one of the easiest, and most significant choices we can make to make a difference.

Paper’s life-cycle is often a trail of greenhouse gas emissions, fresh water consumption and pollution, and the loss of native forests and biodiversity. It also brings us many benefits, from great literature to personal hygiene, and it is inevitable that paper will be part of our lives for the foreseeable future. So, our choices matter. We must all do our part to take the Steps to Responsible Paper Purchasing.

Not convinced yet? here's a reminder from a video we showed a while ago from The Secret Life of Paper's website, which is also presented on the website's What's Hot section:

And don't forget to check out their blog - The Paper Planet


Raz @ Eco-Libris