Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First birthday book giveaway to Tania Hershman's "White Road and Other Short Stories"

Congrats to Tania Hershman! Her wonderful book 'The White Road and Other Stories' first birthday was celebrated yesterday.

Not only that this collection of short stories, published by Salt Modern Fiction, is a great read (you can check out the reviews here), but Tania is also collaborating with Eco-Libris to plant a tree for every copy printed. So it's also the first birthday to our collaboration with Tania!

Tania is celebrating the book's first birthday with a great giveaway - she is giving away THREE signed copies of The White Road and Other Stories - to anyone, anywhere in the world. If you'd like one, just leave a comment on her birthday's post on the blog (click here - saying "Pick me!" (inspired by Caroline!) or something similar. You have until Sept 8th, and then Tania will pick three winners out of a hat.

Wow. What a year! And here I am, sitting at my new desk in my new study in our new city. Who would have thought?

To find out the biggest surprises of the last 12 months, and more, pop in to writer/blogger colleague and friend Nik Perring, who has interviewed Tania about that first year over at his blog. Here's a part of it brought on Tania's birthday post:
Because I am published by a small press, Salt, even though they are amazing and they made me this beautiful book, most of the marketing and promotion was and is down to me. And I have no clue about selling a book! Well, perhaps now I have a bit more of a clue. So, basically, I made it up as I went along. I built a website for the book, I set up a Facebook Page, I organised a hectic 11-stop Virtual Book Tour where I was interviewed on 11 blogs over 11 weeks about everything from my love for science to writing and religion.... I cajoled as many people as possible into writing reviews....I obsessively checked my Amazon rankings, searching for some indication of whether what I was doing was working. And whirring through my mind, all the time, was: “How can I sell the book? How can I sell the book?”
So check it out and don't forget to write a comment on Tania's blog and get a chance to win a free copy of the book!

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