Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Management is Not Firefighting by Joel Quass joins the 100 Trees Project!

We're happy to update you that Good Management is Not Firefighting by Joel Quass, a great management book teaching you how to successfully manage using what you already know, has joined the "100 Trees Project"!

This joint program was launched by Infinity Publishing, a leading self-publishing company together with Eco-Libris to promote environmental sustainability among its authors. Through the program, authors that publish with Infinity are able to plant 100 trees for the title they publish. These authors also have the option to add a special "100 trees planted for this book" logo to their book's design, as a way to showcase their commitment to environmental sustainability.

What 'Good Management is not Firefighting' is about? Good Management Is Not… tells you what is! I demonstrate that there really aren’t any new ideas in management theory. There are just new ways of looking at the same concepts. This is really exciting because it means you already possess the basic information to be successful as a manager. The key to your success is making your people successful. When your staff understands their job, they become motivated to perform at their peak and become true leaders in your organization. In my book I give you tools to help your managers get it, making you and your employee’s winners.

About the author: Joel Quass’ career in management began over 35 years ago. He has owned 4 business’ including Quassword Cards, “The Crossword Puzzle Greeting Card”, which he ran with his brother Brian and Strawcastle Snax, a vending company in Williamsburg, Virginia which he took from $90,000 to $¼ million in gross sales when he sold the business 2 years later. He has held management positions in four companies including his current position with a big box retailer. Joel received a BA in Political Science from Christopher Newport University. Joel has taught employees and managers in small and large group settings

Good Management is not Firefighting is available for sale on Infinity's website.

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