Monday, December 22, 2008

New collaboration with a Danish publisher of books that inspire, entertain and makes life less complicated

We are happy to announce on a new collaboration with a publisher. This time we have the pleasure to partner with the Danish publisher Clockwise: In collaboration with Eco-Libris, Clockwise will give costumers the opportunity to plant a tree for every book bought through the Clockwise website.

Clockwise is a new and innovative publisher. Here's a little bit more about it and two new books Clockwise is offering now (in Danish) from the publisher,
Marie Halkjær:


Books that inspire, entertain and makes life less complicated. Clockwise is a Danish publishing company specialising in quality non-fiction that helps the reader deal with issues such as career development, parenting, relationship, health, hobbies and sports. Clockwise’s ambition is to make every book special in terms of innovative content and new formats.


This is the complete guide to putting together a fun, challenging, relaxing or charitable weekend. Find inspiration for more than 100 great weekend activities and projects to enjoy with your friends, family or all by yourself. From a nostalgic trip down memory lane to wellness, extreme sports light, DIY or throwing theme parties. The book is stuffed with guides, tips and great advice on how to make your weekend special.


In 45 chapters the authors of Manual gives advice on how to become a winner in the garage, the car, the kitchen, the bedroom, the wilderness and lots more. It’s a manual for making your own schnapps, building an arcade machine and tacking great photos. An inspirational book guaranteeing many hours of entertainment with the guys, from wine tasting to kitesurfing and races with r/c cars. And a helping hand to avoid many unpleasant experiences – getting beaten up on a night out, loosing a discussion or embarrassing silence after your speech at your best friends wedding.

Clockwise is the third European publisher we partner with after BookHouse Publishing of Sweden and Flux of Norway.You're welcome to check out Clockwise's website at:


Raz @ Eco-Libris

Plant a tree for every book you read!