Saturday, May 17, 2008

May Challenge: 'Be a Bookwarm'

It's mid-May now, but you still have time for a green books challenge, which was initiated by the blog GREEN BEAN DREAMS: BE A BOOKWORM. I learned about it only yesterday while reading this excellent blog and hence the late notice.

Here are the details from GREEN BEAN DREAMS: My appreciation of books leads me to launch my (likely one and only) challenge: BE A BOOKWORM. I challenge you to read a single, ecologically relevant book during the month of May. Post a comment if you'd like to participate so that I can add you to my sidebar. Once you have selected your book, post another comment. I'll keep a running tab of books being read. At the end of the month, I will post a Reading Roundup soliciting your comments on the book you read, whether you'd recommend it and what you learned.

You can find more details and the growing list of great green books on GREEN BEAN DREAMS. If you want more ideas, you're welcome to check the list of green books we covered so far on our blog.

It's a great challenge and I hope you all take part in it. I will certainly will. I chose to read a book that is waiting for me on my shelf for some time: 'This Place on Earth: Home and the Practice of Permanence' by Alan Durning. I hope to bring you a review of it in a couple of weeks.

The green bean said on the blog that "books affect us like nothing else" and it's definitely true and especially when it comes to books with environmentally and socially topics. I hope you will find the books that will affect you!

Enjoy the challenge!
Raz @ Eco-Libris

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