Friday, April 11, 2008

Raincoast Books is partnering with Eco-Libris in a new campaign: 'Buy a book, Plant a tree'

Big news from Canada! We've got a new partnership going on with Raincoast Books, a leading Canadian publisher and distributor, in a joint environmental campaign: 'Buy a Book, Plant a Tree'. Here are the details:

Raincoast Books, which is best known in green circles as the Canadian publisher of the green editions of the latest Harry Potter books, has signed up 80 Canadian retailers who will be selling a wide range of environmentally themed books through April 2008. These books come with Eco-Libris stickers stating that one tree will be planted for each one of them.

Participating independent bookstores, located from cost-to-coast, have purchased over 4,500 books with the Eco-Libris sticker, and hence over 4,500 trees will be planted on behalf of Canadian readers with our planting partners in Central America and Africa.

This campaign is part of Raincoast's ongoing efforts to go green. They have already taken significant steps - In 2004, they won an Ethics in Action Award for being the first publisher to use 100% Ancient Forest Friendly, 100% Post-Consumer paper in the creation of the Canadian editions of Harry Potter. Also, over 95% of the text-based books Raincoast published were printed on ancient forest friendly paper.

We are very glad to be part of this campaign, especially since the Eco-Libris stickers are being used on the covers of great books about the environment, sustainability and living a greener life, such as: Organic Baby by Kimberly Rider, Dry Spring by Chris Wood, Off the Grid Homes by Lori Ryker, and dozens of other green books.

You can find the full list of the books and bookstores that participate in the campaign right here