Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top 100 green apps - One Small Act from NBC Universal

We are creating
a list of the top 100 apps that will help you go green as part of our effort to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Apps become an integral part of our life and a valuable tool and we believe we should also take advantage of them when it comes go greening up our life.

Every week we bring you a ne
w app from the 100 green apps list, and today we're happy to introduce an app from the green campaign of NBC Universal that encourages you to take small green steps, promoting the message that "the impact of your one small act does make a big difference."

Our app is One Small Act from NBC Universal. This app is for iPhone and iPad and is free.

Here are more details about
One Small Act:

Track all of the little things you do for the environment and discover how your impact compares with everyone else's.

-Points and badges to celebrate your achievements
-Green tips from Hollywood’s biggest stars
-A spectacular digital garden that you help create.
-A newsfeed to see how friends and celebrities are going green
-An action plan
-An impact counter

Launched in May 2007, “Green Is Universal” is NBC Universal’s ongoing green initiative dedicated to raising Green awareness, affecting positive change to the environment, and greening its own operations. Throughout the year, NBC Universal uses it numerous media and entertainment platforms to educate the public on the environment, with over 200 hours of green-themed content airing across over 40 NBCU brands.

ou can check our list (it's still in work!) of top 100 green apps at http://www.ecolibris.net/greenapps.asp. As you'll see, this list is in work, but we promise to update it every week until we'll have all 100 green apps.

Last green app - VeganYumYum.

Raz @ Eco-Libris

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