Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pick-a-WooWoo Publishers, our Australian partner, is presenting a long list of achievements!

We have a great partner in Australia - Pick-a-WooWoo Publishers that work with us to green up children's books they publish by planting trees, starting with "The Boy Who Was Born To Love Frogs" by Jacqueline Nicoll, which was released last October.

They sent us some good news we want to share with you - Pic-a-WooWoo
have been recognized by Bookseller+Publisher as a significant contributor to MBS publishing and we will be mentioned in their May/June Magazine which goes out to all Booksellers / Schools / Libraries and their online network all over Australia!

This is great news and it's also an opportunity to share some other impressive facts about Pick-a-WooWoo:

1. They have gone from 5 titles in 2007 to a total of 21 books (plus e-books) at various stages of develop

2. They are the only publisher –Worldwide – focusing exclusively on Mind Body Spirit books for children. (Does not include self publishers) Do a Google Search on Spiritual Books for Children and just see!

3. Pick-a-WooWoo is the first Australian Publisher to join Eco-Libris – planting trees for each edition to offset our Carbon Imprint (625 trees planted for Born to Love Frogs)

4. Each of their titles is available via Print on Demand in the US, UK, Canada & Europe in partnership with Ingram Book Group and Lightning Source - Proudly Australian & Promoted Globally

5. E-books are the trend – and YES, every one of their Pick-a-WooWoo books are already available as an E-Book – children love them. If you would like to view one – just email them.

6. They’ve got the support of many spiritual leaders or pioneers & teachers. Shirley MaClaine, Anthony Grzelka - & awaiting testimonials from Deepak Chopra.

7. They have the services and support of the largest distributor of Mind Body Spirit books in Australia – Brumby Books and Music.

8. Their strong brand image and logo is now recognised worldwide as synonymous with Children’s Spiritual Books.

9. They have 17 books in the Pick-a-WooWoo series and growing. (Young Readers to Older Readers). As a series, each book tends to on-sell the others in the series which booksellers love and customers enjoy.

10. They have other mind body spirit books series (Grand Master Little Master) that teach enlightenment in a fun and adventurous way.They also offer FREE books as well.

11. And amazing novels for tweens/teens. Called the Colour Code - which already have been viewed by ABC filmmakers as a prospective film.

12. Pick-a-WooWoo has 11 authors (and growing) from all over the world...Incidentally - they had to close their submissions pa
ge 2 years ago due to the volume of authors wanting this genre of book to be published

13. And finally - as a leader in identifying and publishing children’s spiritual books they’re proud to offer ‘Other Books’ on their website. People have asked why they would offer to sell competitors books...Well they are different. They believe in abundance, co-operation and collaboration. They want to make it easy for everyone to find ‘Spiritual Books for Children’...this is their quest, our passion and if they can help other publishers, and self publishers, then they are walking our talk and ultimately helping the wonderful messages get to their earth angels (their children)

Kudos to Pick-a-WooWoo. We'll keep you updated with more news on our collaboration in the next couple of months!

Raz @ Eco-Libris

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