Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When Santa Turned Green - now the App version

Two years ago we reviewed here "When Santa Turned Green", a great green children's book written by Victoria Perla and illustrated by Mirna Kantarevic.

Now I was happy to hear that the book, in the spirit of time,
has just arrived at the Apple App store.

Just to remind you, When Santa Turned Green is the illustrated story of Santa Claus's quest to turn all the world's children "green"—after he discovers that his home, the North Pole, is melting.

This charmingly written, beautifully rendered tale inspires children at a time when their imaginations and confidence in their ability to change the world are truly boundless.

And back to the new App - Produced by the wizards at ScrollMotion - the company responsible for bringing best-sellers to the iPhone platform, including Twilight and Curious George’s Dictionary - this App allows users of any age to explore the images with a pinch of their fingers and listen to a loving narrative from Santa himself. The App also offers an intuitive interface that enables users to record their own voice-over of the book.

As the author explains
“This platform makes When Santa Turned Green even greener, and there’s something very sweet about watching the book come alive in the palm of your hand.”

You're welcome to check
The When Santa Turned Green App (price is $1.99) here.


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