Thursday, September 3, 2009

Write Bloody Publishing is partnering with Eco-Libris, starting with a poems collection by Taylor Mali

Write Bloody Publishing, which publish and promote great books of fiction, poetry and art, is collaborating with Eco-Libris to plant a tree for every book printed!

The first book we're working on with Write Bloody is the LAST TIME as WE ARE by Taylor Mali, which was released on Tuesday.

This is a new collection of poems from the author of "What Teachers Make," the Most Forwarded poem in the world! Taylor Mali captures in his irresistible persona and highly engaging poetry the experience of the independent school teacher that he once was: part inspiration, part nag, part coach and friend, part disciplinarian. Kids love him and his poetry...and so do adults, a combination of approbation that is unusual in today's world.

We're very happy to work with Write Bloody Publishing, which as started in 2004 by traveling poet and former paratrooper Derrick Brown. Write Bloody is a small press with a snappy look dedicated to quality literature. They have offices in LA, NYC and Murfreesboro, TN.

If you check out their website (, I'm sure you won't miss their unique style which is created by utilizing modern painters, photographers and rock album designers for all of their book cover art. They publish and promote 8-14 tour savvy authors per year. They're are grass roots, DIY, boot strap believers . Their employees are authors and artists so they call themselves a family. And this is a unique family with a unique lit footprint as you can see from the list of books published by Write Bloody.

“the LAST TIME as WE ARE “ is available now on Write Bloody's online store and on Amazon. You can also read a preview of the book here.

You are also welcome to see Talyor Mali on this video:

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