Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aaspirations Publishing believes recession is the time to expand and opens an office in India

Eco-Libris is a proud partner of
Aaspirations Publishing, a green publisher of Toronto, Canada that is opening now a second office in India!

We're collaborating with Aaspriations Publishing to plant a tree is for every copy of their new titles, which will also carry our logo ‘One tree planted for every book’. We have planted so far trees for great books such as "The Micro Meanies" by Lynda Anderson and "Where the Buttercups Grow" by Shelley Meyer.

Aaspirations Publishing is reporting that a close association is planned between the two offices to nurture and bring talent to the forefront and enable increasing book sales in both countries through co-publishing deals.

The first three books to be launched in India will be The Micro Meanies by Lynda Anderson and Melanie Bennett and The Haven Spear by Nick Mucci.

Both the books are part of a brand, with multi-title series and the possibilities for merchandising and more. 'I see a closer connection between books and movies, merchandising and music, and between different countries as talent abounds and gets an outlet to expand,' says publisher Anjali Sondhi.

More details on Aaspirations Publishing and their books is available at http://www.aaspirationspublishing.com

This is great news and we wish Aaspirations Publishing a great success with their move!

Raz @ Eco-Libris