Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eco-Libris is partnering with neighBORROW.com

Bill McKibben says in his book 'Deep Economy' that in the developed world a sense of community is likely to make people happy much more than money. And he's definitely right. Therefore, we're very happy to announce our new partnership with a new venture that is looking to provide this sense of community - neighBORROW.com.

So what is neighBORROW?

neighBORROW combines the traditional notion of borrowing a cup of sugar from a neighbor with modern technology, using the Internet to facilitate borrowing and lending of nearly anything among people in existing local communities and other established networks.

another answer...
neighBORROW is a free, interactive web site that boasts a real-time, centralized and consolidated database that identifies books, movies, CDs, and other miscellaneous items that may be available to borrow in your apartment building, office building, neighborhood, school, place of worship or from any group of people imaginable.

How it supports the environment?
When people buy things and use things more efficiently, there is less of a demand for natural resources needed to make these items. For example, if you borrow a book from a friend, rather than buying a copy of your own, you are helping to save the tree needed to make that book. Not to mention the CO2 used for production of other items. Also, since neighBORROW is local, much of the items are shared locally, reducing or eliminating the need for shipping. More generally, more efficient use and conscientious efforts to waste less, gets everyone in better habits and helps everyone realize that the earth's resources are not something that we can take for granted.

Eco-Libris is partnering with neighBORROW to encourage neighBORROW-ers that lend/borrow books to balance out their books by planting trees with Eco-Libris. Eco-Libris will also be integrated into the rating system of neighBORROW, so when neighBORROW-ers use Eco-Libris, their rating (think about eBay sellers' rating) is being improved.

neighBORROW is a very cool idea.The web site instantaneously and electronically catalogs the aggregate collection of all of the items entered by its members into a searchable database. In essence, neighBORROW.com converts this group of neighbors, co-workers, classmates, (even verified strangers) into a fully functioning library of stuff.

The user-friendly interface allows for searching and browsing, and facilitates communication between lenders and borrowers to coordinate real-world exchanges of available, actual things within a neighBORROW hood.

they aleady have over 5,000 people (neighBORROW-ers) in over 300 places (neighBORROW-hoods) saving money and the environment by borrowing from an inventory of over 10,000 things (neighBORROW-goods) listed and available. They are accepting new neighBORROW-ers in communities, on campuses, and at companies all over the world.

For more information and to become a neighBORROW-er visit their website at http://www.neighborrow.com/

You are also welcome to see Adam Berk, the founder of neighBORROW at MSNBC:


Raz @ Eco-Libris

We have a winner on our giveaway of "The Legend of Honey Hollow"

Thanks to all the participants in our giveaway of "The Legend of Honey Hollow".

We got great response to our question what is the best way to teach children to appreciate wildlife both on our blog and on Green Options, where our review was published as well. It looks like the common rule of giving an example also works here, with the added value of presenting children with great stories that helps them learn about it, just like the book we have here.

And we have a winner! Our winner is Big Binder who presented an hybrid approach and wrote the following:

That's a really good question! We spend a lot of time at the Nature Center trying to do just that - they read a book, then take the kids out on a 'tour'. It's a tough balance to teach kids to appreciate wildlife without getting 'too close' and putting themselves in danger of disturbing a habitat.

Congrats to the winner who will receive a copy of "The Legend of Honey Hollow" by Jeanne McNaney. Eco-Libris will also plant one tree for this book!

Raz @ Eco-Libris