Friday, August 24, 2012

DUMBO's powerHouse will be openning a new store in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Good news from Brooklyn! The Brooklyn Paper reported earlier today that "DUMBO’s powerHouse Books is planning to open an outpost in a former video rental shop on Eighth Avenue in October — marking the first high-profile bookstore to come to the neighborhood since Barnes and Noble set up shop on Seventh Avenue in 1997."

This is certainly a bold move, as even Park Slope doesn't seem to be immune to the unfortunate trend of bookstore closings - the neighborhood once had four booksellers on Seventh Avenue alone, but now has just two.

There might be a reason yet to be optimistic, as Ezra Goldstein, co-owner of the Community Bookstore on Seventh Avenue, offers a more positive perspective on the state of bookstores in Park Slope:

“Our business is way up despite Nooks, Kindles, and Amazon. We now share that literary cachet with many more neighborhoods, but people in Park Slope still love books.”

Will that be good enough to justify the opening of another bookstore? powerHouse hopes so and so do we!

The bookstore is expected to be opened on October and will be located at 1111 Eighth Ave. between 11th and 12th streets in Park Slope. Check for further updates.

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