Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kayona Ebony Brown, author of "Tenth Letter", is collaborating with Eco-Libris

Eco-Libris is proud to collaborate with authors who wants to go green. Author Kayona Ebony Brown is such an author: For every copy sold of her new book 'Tenth Letter', a tree will be planted with Eco-Libris.

We also want to invite you to her signing in Washington DC this week. Every sold book in this event will be be given not only with the author's autograph, but also with our sticker saying "One tree planted for this book" will be given with every sold copy.

Here are details on the book and the book signing event:

Through an intense story of sex, lies, and cheating set in Washington, DC (no, it's not about the presidency),"Tenth Letter" gently offers therapeutic tactics for establishing successful relationships. It's the mark of a new genre: Self-help Urban Fiction and author Kayona Ebony Brown's vivid urban landscape and the characters that color her streets pulls you into the grind that is the contemporary young adult and leaves you with a more polished definition of what it means to love.

Come meet Kayona, pick up an autographed copy of Tenth Letter, and share your stories of falling in and out of love at the DC Bookman Book Signing Thursday, June 26th just outside the L'Enfant Plaza Metro in Washington, DC from 3-6pm.

Until then, catch up with her and her characters at Just as her novel enriches our spiritual community, purchasing the novel enriches our physical community – for every book sold Eco-Libris will plant a tree.

I was curious to know more about Kayona's passion about the environment and sent her few questions about it. Here are her replies:

What's the connection between an author of a novel and the environment?

Some say that you are a product of your environment. As a writer, I think that phrase should be taken literally; the more I consider what's good for the environment (the earth around me), the more I will consider what's good for me personally - from what I eat to how I live. As a product myself, I prefer a non-toxic, pure and clean environment, and as result, the writings I produce will come out the same.

Do you see also your company (Brown'sTone Industries), with its innovative vision, going green? and if so, why it is important to you and to your company to be involved environmental efforts?

Through small efforts everyday, I am personally becoming more considerate of the earth, so as I expand my company, I will also expand the way we do business by eventually converting to green - from the products we use in-house to the products we produce and sell. Part of my company's overall mission is to entertain, inspire, and educate.

We plan to lead in many ways by example, and exercising environmentally conscious practices is a message we want to pass on to our patrons, partners and competitors. It is important to help pioneer these great habits in the entertainment industry, which, I think may often overlook it.

Do you have any environmental message to your readers that you would like to share with us?

My message would be: start small. The thought of 'going green' is an overwhelming lifestyle change for most people, but every little bit helps. I started first by doing a little research to see what things I was comfortable with doing. One was: turning off the water while brushing my teeth or cleaning dishes. Second thing was: thinking about what I wanted before opening the refrigerator, so I wouldn't stand there for five minutes with it open.

One other small thing that I also do is try to patronize companies that are green. For instance, I drink Silk soymilk which uses wind energy to produce the product. By patronizing them, I feel like I'm doing a little something.

Do you see yourself writing on environmental issues in the future?

I've already begun to include environmentally conscious characters into some of my current projects. It's my way of getting a message across without blatantly forcing a message onto my audience.

Thank you, Kayona! And if you're in DC this Thursday, don't miss the opportunity to meet her at the DC Bookman Book Signing just outside the L'Enfant Plaza Metro, from 3-6pm.

The book is available online for sale on the book's website and on

Raz @ Eco-Libris